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Deal is back: Fly to Buenos Aires for $887 coach, $1478 for business

US Airways is once again offering a 100% bonus on purchased miles until September 15. As we previously wrote:

This means that when you buy 30,000 miles for $887, they give you another 30,000 miles – enough for a coach ticket to Buenos Aires. When you buy 50,000 miles for $1478, you end up with 100,000 miles – enough for a business class ticket to Buenos Aires. (Check out their awards chart  here.) The business class ticket in particular is an amazing deal given that business fares are upwards of $2800, and most coach fares cost almost this much.

Click here to buy.


Bank (In)Security

My Argentine bank has an interesting security feature when making certain transactions on their website. It asks you to identify siblings and parents before allowing you to make the transaction.

Unfortunately, it has  a few flaws for non-Argentine customers:

Spot the problem? 🙂