The Saga Of “The Chair”

When I came back to Buenos Aires for this most recent trip, I was determined that I was bringing a Herman Miller Aeron chair with me.  Good office chairs are almost impossible to find in Buenos Aires or are ridiculously expensive, and I was pretty sure it would be nearly impossible to find this particular … Read more

Luggage Storage in Buenos Aires

UPDATE: This has been one of the most popular posts on our site so we decided to update it with the most current information. And remember, if you’re traveling to Argentina you can get 50% more on your money by using Xoom to transfer money to the country and taking advantage of the “dolar blue” … Read more

Argentina Entrance Fee To Go Into Effect

UPDATE 2: As of March 24, 2016, the reciprocity fee is no longer required for US passport holders. Argentina Entry Fee UPDATE: The Argentina entrance fee must now be paid in advance for all entries into Argentina – air, land, sea and cruise ship passengers. We have instructions on how to pay the Argentina reciprocity fee … Read more

Swine Fever Has Not Been Reported in Argentina, Flights From Mexico Suspended

For the moment, there have been no reported cases of swine flu in Argentina, and the number of dengue fever cases seem to be on the decline.  However, the Argentine government is taking no chances and has temporarily suspended flights from Mexico to Argentina. The U.S. Embassy in Argentina just sent out this alert: This … Read more