Disappointed #2

While selling most of your worldy possessions can be a very freeing experience, I have to say that I did have one other disappointment about deciding to make the move to BsAs.  That disappointment was having to sell my bike. It was a 2006 BMW Dakar F650 GS and only had 3000 miles on it. … Read more


The one major disappointment that I have about moving to Buenos Aires is that I was not able to rush out today and wait in line with everyone else to get the newest iPhone 3G.  I had to read all the blogs about it and all the great new software they have for it, and … Read more

Making Lists

It seems like a lot of what I have been doing in preparing for this move is making lists. I think most moves probably involve this, but moving overseas definitely has its own special complications. So, yes, not much more to say – I have to get back to making lists.