Buenos Aires Environmental Progress

It seems that the Buenos Aires government is making strides on quality of life and environmental issues.  This process has picked up a lot of steam recently. New Recycling and ‘Zero Waste’ Law In July, the city government announced a new garbage management plan which involves cartoneros (Página 12: es | en). This new plan … Read more

Argentine “Obesity Law”

The Associated Press is reporting that Argentine senators passed a bill yesterday which now allows obesity and other eating disorders to be treated as diseases covered by public and private health care programs. This will help to fight obesity, bulimia and anorexia in the country. The law also requires that high calorie foods carry a … Read more

Big Mac: More Expensive in Argentina Than in the U.S.

The Argentine Post has an interesting story discussing The Economist’s Big Mac Index which compares prices on McDonald’s Big Mac across the world as a way to measure purchasing power. As they explain: …The average cost of a Big Mac in Argentina now totals U.S. $3.64, compared with $3.57 in the U.S., according to the … Read more

Anxious Argentines tighten their purse strings

It seems that a lot of the news these days is focused on the ongoing farmer’s strike in Buenos Aires and it’s effect on consumer confidence. Guardian.co.uk is reporting on Argentines putting the brakes on spending due to rising inflation, the continued dispute with farmers and lack of confidence in the president. Many sources dispute the government’s numbers … Read more