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Maple Syrup in Buenos Aires

I could have sworn I wrote about this before, but after searching my blog I did not turn up any posts about finding maple syrup in Buenos Aires. I guess it’s only been in the back of my mind, and now finally time to give you the scoop…

Maple Syrup in Buenos AiresMaple Syrup is one of those more difficult to find items here. There have been various reports of Aunt Jemima appearing in supermarkets from time to time, but that’s not real maple syrup. Trips to Barrio Chino have turned up empty too.

For the only guaranteed place to find maple syrup in Buenos Aires, you have to head to Reale Gourmet on Av. Pueyrreedón. They have maple syrup, but beware… it’s expensive. At the moment they only have 50ml bottles and it’s $290 pesos each!

Still, when you have a craving, you have a craving.


Money Transfer Services to Require a CUIL

Let me start by saying, this is not an April Fool’s joke unfortunately…

Argentina Money Transfer Services Require CUILAs of April 1, 2015, any foreign national residing in Argentina for more than 90 days will be required to present a CUIL or CUIT in order to pick up money from any of the money transfer services (Xoom, Azimo, Ria, etc.). This does not apply if your last date of entry into Argentina is less than 90 days ago.

As many expats live here illegally by overstaying their tourist visa and simply pay the $600 peso overstay fee when they leave, this will have an immediate effect on their ability to get money into the country through these services. That 90 day trip to Colonia for a new visa stamp might make a lot more sense now, even if it does expose you to additional scrutiny at the border.

To get a CUIL (Código Único de Identificación Laboral) or CUIT (Clave Única de Identificación Tributaria), you have to have a DNI (Documento Nacional de Identidad). And, to get a DNI, you have to be a legal resident.

UPDATE: Some people are reporting that as of April 20, 2015, Xoom is not asking anyone to provide a CUIL.


Uber Buenos Aires Redux

Uh oh…

Uber Buenos Aires ReduxAbout four months ago I wrote a blog post detailing the reasons I thought there was no Uber in Buenos Aires, especially when they were launching in other, smaller South American cities.

That post generated some heated discussion in the comments from Argentine readers who took offense with some of my reasoning and pointed out what they thought were flaws in my logic. I disagreed.

Fast forward to last week… Uber posted a job listing for a General Manager of Buenos Aires (see below). It was starting to look like I might have to eat my words.

Luckily for my logic, while there is a job post, there is no definitive word on if or when Uber will actually launch here. Also, since I first posted, we have seen the (slow) addition of 4G networks as well as continued smartphone adoption. And to further backup one of my points, it has been reported that the four major taxi companies and union leaders are already meeting to plan their strategy to block Uber from entering the country.

So, was I right or wrong? At this point, only time will tell… And just for the record, I’m rooting for Uber.

Here’s the full text of their job posting:

The City General Manager at Uber is by far the most demanding position Uber has to offer; it requires such a degree of talent, guts and leadership that the right person is difficult to find. As the leader of Uber in each city, the GM is responsible for the development and growth of our business in Buenos Aires.

The core of Uber is in the city team, led by a General Manager. They make the magic that is Uber, a reality. It’s a big deal and the qualities and capabilities required of an Uber GM mean you are an incredibly intelligent, talented and highly sought-after professional. Sound like you?

This is first and foremost a role for a strong marketer, focusing on reaching new users and extending the Uber brand to the masses. But as the city lead, you’ll also be responsible for operational excellence and maintaining ‘Uber’ quality throughout the rider’s experience. Rider and Partner support, local marketing, supply chain management, service quality management, social media, PR — all of these sit under the GM. Continual improvement and a quality focus are the name of the game. We believe in solving local problems with local solutions, so understanding your market and delivering custom messages is important. This is where creativity meets analytics head on.

And it’s the cross of the analytical with the creative that makes the Uber GM an incredibly difficult job to fill. If you’re potentially one of the truly rare, gifted Uber GMs, we want to hear from you! Make sure to include an English version of your resume to be considered!


  • Initiate creative local marketing strategies and user growth campaigns
  • Manage deployment and quality of supply chain (i.e. Uber’s driver partners)
  • Represent Uber at local events and with local PR
  • Manage local regulatory concerns and local politics
  • Communicate product/process needs to HQ, work with product/engineering to deliver on them
  • Help scale our other cities through developing and sharing best practices
  • Continue to grow REVENUES and RIDERSHIP!!!


  • 6+ years of marketing or operations management experience (not quite there? Apply for Community Manager or Operations & Logistics Manager instead!)
  • Data-driven decision mentality and sound business judgment through strong analytical thinking
  • Creative solutions driven mindset, with a *get shit done* attitude
  • Relevant experience in consumer service marketing is helpful
  • Stellar networking skills and the ability to make smart partnerships happen
  • Entrepreneurial DNA and fear tolerance of a honey-badger


  • Employees are showered with Uber credits each month.
  • Ground floor opportunity with the team; shape the strategic direction of the company.
  • The rare opportunity to change the world such that everyone around you is using the product you built. We’re not just another social web app, we’re moving real people and assets and reinventing transportation and logistics globally.
  • Sharp, motivated co-workers in a fun office environment.
  • Monthly gym reimbursement.

Full-time salary negotiable based on experience, and equity compensation plan.


Katy Perry in Buenos Aires

Check out Katy Perry’s “Roar” live from Argentina!

I swear if I have to hear this song one more time I might kill myself… It’s only slightly better than “Let It Go“and “Libre Soy” but it’s catching up quickly.

Not what you were expecting?